The Canadian Wood Construction Research Network (CWCRN) is a virtual network that promotes academic research on wood construction in Canada. Our goal is to foster innovation and collaboration in sustainable and resilient building practices using wood as a renewable and environmentally friendly material.

We aim to establish effective network between academic and non-academic research programs, facilitating collaboration and knowledge transfer. By bridging the gap between theoretical research and practical applications, we connect researchers with end-users in the field of wood construction.

Through strategic partnership, we actively work with stakeholders to disseminate and implement research outcomes, accelerating the adoption of innovative wood construction practices nationwide.

At CWCRN, we provide a platform for researchers, practitioners, academia, and policymakers to advance wood construction. Our vibrant community pushes the boundaries of knowledge and drives progress in this dynamic field.

OUR mission

The Canadian Wood Construction Research Network (CWCRN) is dedicated to coordinating academic research, and promoting innovation, in wood construction. We bring together researchers, engineers, architects, and industry professionals to collaborate and bridge the gap between theoretical research and practical applications. Our mission is to facilitate knowledge transfer, establish synergistic relationships, and accelerate the adoption of innovative and sustainable wood construction practices across the country, while fostering a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) within our network and the broader wood construction industry.

OUR Research Focus Areas and Current Project

Research Focus Areas

At CWCRN, we are committed to supporting and facilitating research projects that delve into the innovative applications, performance, and sustainability of wood in construction. Our research areas encompass:
• Seismic Performance of Wood Structures: Investigating the behavior and resilience of wood structures under seismic loading, aiming to enhance their seismic performance and contribute to safer and more resilient buildings.
• Fire Resistance of Mass Timber Assemblies: Exploring the fire resistance properties and strategies for mass timber assemblies, ensuring the safe and reliable use of wood in high-rise and multi-story buildings.
• Durability and Long-Term Performance of Wood Products: Assessing the long-term durability and performance of wood products, including treatments and preservation techniques, to promote their longevity and sustainable use in various construction applications.
• Energy Efficiency and Carbon Footprint of Wood-Based Building Systems: Evaluating the energy efficiency and environmental impact of wood-based building systems, such as timber frames and engineered wood products, to optimize their sustainability and minimize their carbon footprint.

Our Current Project

We are leading an NSERC Alliance project titled Next-Generation Wood Construction. This project aims to advance the knowledge and application of innovative wood construction practices.

Through these research projects, CWCRN is pushing the boundaries of knowledge, addressing key challenges, and paving the way for sustainable and resilient wood construction practices. Join us in our pursuit of innovative solutions that harness the full potential of wood in the built environment.


CWCRN collaborates with a diverse range of sponsors and partners who share our commitment to advancing wood construction research. Their support and expertise contribute significantly to the success of our initiatives.

To explore our partners, visit our sponsors and partners page.

We welcome new partnerships with organizations aligned with our mission. Contact us to discuss collaboration opportunities.

Together, we drive the advancement of wood construction research in Canada.



The Think Wood Research Library is a collaborative achievement by Forestry Innovation Investment and the Binational Softwood Lumber Council. It serves as a central hub for the latest research and resources on mass timber and light-frame wood structural systems of five stories and above.

This valuable platform offers a wide range of resources, including research papers, case studies, technical reports, and design guides. By fostering innovation and supporting evidence-based decision-making, the library contributes to the advancement of wood-based building systems.

The Think Wood Research Library is not just a resource; it also serves as a showcase of industry expertise. Through contributions from professionals worldwide, it remains a dynamic and evolving source of knowledge.

For inquiries or to submit research, please contact info@research.thinkwood.com. Join us in shaping a sustainable future where wood takes center stage in construction.

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For inquiries or to learn more about the CWCRN, please contact us using form on the contact us page or email us at cwcrn@ualberta.ca