Technical information


Our ongoing project aims to achieve the following objectives:

1. Addressing Critical Code Gaps:

We are actively working to fill the existing gaps in code provisions concerning the structural, serviceability, fire, thermal, and durability design of wood building systems. By identifying these gaps and implementing necessary updates, we are enhancing the safety and performance of wood structures.

2. Transitioning to Performance-Based Design:

Our project is generating technical information that supports a shift in the design philosophy of Canadian building codes. We are advocating for a transition from prescriptive-based codes to performance-based design principles, incorporating resiliency concepts. This shift will allow for greater design flexibility and innovation while maintaining the required performance standards.

3. Improving Building Envelope Performance:

Through The Development Of Design And Construction Methods And The Dissemination Of Relevant Information, We Are Focused On Enhancing The Performance Of Building Envelopes. Our Aim Is To Facilitate The Design Of Wood Buildings That Are Net-Zero Energy Ready (NZER) And Climate Adaptive. We Are Prioritizing Energy Efficiency, Durability, And Resilience.

4. Advancing Off-Site Construction Technologies:

Our Project Involves The Development Of Efficient Off-Site Construction Technologies Specifically Tailored For Selected Wood Building Systems. These Technologies Meet The Necessary Requirements For Structural Integrity, Fire Safety, And Energy Performance While Minimizing The Carbon Footprint Associated With Construction

5. Assessing Socio-Economic And Environmental Benefits:

Furthermore, We Are Conducting A Comprehensive Assessment Of The Socio-Economic And Environmental Benefits Derived From The Use Of Engineered Wood Products In Building Construction. This Assessment Covers The Entire Material Supply Chain, The Construction Phase, And The Long-Term Maintenance And Thermal Performance Of Completed Structures. By Considering These Aspects, We Provide A Thorough Understanding Of The Advantages Associated With Utilizing Engineered Wood Products.


Our Themes Are Structured Into Four Distinct Categories. Follow the links to get further details about each theme:

It’s important to note that although the research projects are grouped into themes based on technical nature, they are interconnected. Our network approach ensures a holistic development of design and construction solutions for modern wood buildings.