Welcome to the CWCRN’s major initiative, the NSERC-Alliance Grant “Next-Generation Wood Construction” research program. Our focus is on pushing the boundaries of wood utilization in tall and large buildings. This program is a collaborative effort between the Canadian wood industry, government agencies, and the construction sector, with the goal of overcoming technical and non-technical obstacles that currently limit the expansion of wood construction.

The rising interest in incorporating wood into tall and large buildings offers tremendous economic growth prospects for the Canadian wood industry, a key pillar of our nation’s economy. However, there are critical gaps in design methodologies, performance data, environmental impact assessment, and a shortage of skilled professionals equipped to meet the demands of increased wood usage.

Our interdisciplinary research program is dedicated to tackling these challenges through investigations in key areas such as structural safety, serviceability, fire safety, energy efficiency, durability, construction techniques, and sustainability of wood buildings. Our team consists of 31 faculty members from 14 esteemed Canadian universities, alongside 20 scientists and professionals representing 12 government and industry partners. Together, we will supervise over 50 highly qualified personnel (HQP) trainees who will actively contribute to our research endeavors.

Through our rigorous research efforts, our aim is to facilitate the widespread adoption of wood products in construction, resulting in significant socio-economic benefits for Canada and beyond. Join us on this exciting journey as we shape the future of sustainable building practices with wood.


As a leading research network dedicated to advancing sustainable wood building systems, our mandate is to:

  • Fill critical gaps in code provisions for the structural, serviceability, fire, thermal, and durability design of wood building systems.
  • Generate technical information to shift Canadian building codes from prescriptive-based to performance-based design, incorporating the concept of resiliency.
  • Develop design and construction methods to enhance building envelope performance and facilitate net-zero energy ready (NZER) and climate adaptive design of wood buildings.
  • Create efficient off-site construction technologies for wood building systems that meet structural, fire, and energy performance requirements while minimizing carbon footprint.
  • Quantify socio-economic and environmental benefits of using engineered wood products in building construction, considering the entire material supply chain, construction phase, and long-term performance.

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We invite individuals passionate about sustainable building systems to connect directly with the Principal Investigators (PIs). By following our progress and engaging with our updates, you can actively contribute to advancing the use of wood in construction, supporting sustainability, and promoting resilience.

Our network prioritizes Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI). We value and embrace diversity in all dimensions, fostering an inclusive environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds contribute unique perspectives. Stay tuned for future collaboration, research initiatives, and opportunities to contribute to our findings by visiting our website regularly or subscribing to our newsletter for updates.

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